Hunting Trip April 2016

The Hunters:

Andrew Wolmarans; Clive Reeks; Jeremy Reeks; Rodger Reeks.

Rifles Used: 30'06; 308.

The Hunts

On the first day Rodger shot at an Eland and wounded we spent the rest of the day tracking the Eland and at the end of the day PH Caydn followed the Eland down the mountain and sneaked up on it and finished him off.

On day number two we tried a very difficult hunt and that was to shoot out all the remaining Common Blesbuck. Jeremy shot the first one after two hunting parties pushed the heard towards Jeremy waiting in ambush.
Then Rodger Leopard crawled over a stony hill through low grass cover and shot two Blesbuck one after the other dropping both of them. He tried a shot on a third but missed as the heard was very skittish by now and ran off.
Then we moved in after the heard over and down the mountain where Andrew stalked another one at the bottom of the mountain. Now only one young Blesbuck remained on the farm. This was not an easy hunt as these Blesbuck had about 1400 Hectors to move around in.

On the last hunting day we went to the other side of the farm where Clive hunted a Black Wildebeest and he wounded it and Rodger finished him off after we track him down for a few hours.
Andrew also hunted a Black Wildebeest to finish of the hunting trip.