Form SAP520:
- We will send this to you upon receipt of booking deposit.
- Complete page 2 - E2.1 to E25.4 - Natural Persons details.
- Complete page 4 - G1 to G5 and G8 thru G9.2 - Import/Export Details.
- Complete page 5 - I1.1 to I5 - Details of Firearms and ammo.
- Do not do this in South Africa! Also, the date format is year/month/day.
- Please view this sample E520 for instructions on how to fill out your form.
Click Here for Sample e520 Form.

Proof of Ownership:
- USA: Custom Form 4457 -we will send this to you upon receipt of booking deposit)...must be filled out and signed by a US Customs Officer before your trip (take your gun to your local international airport's customs office prior to your trip).
- UK or Europe: Copy of your firearm license.

Invitation Letter:
- This Invitation Letter will come from will need to add your personal details and firearms details to the letter.
Click Here for Letter of Invitation.

Airline Ticket:
- You will need to show your airline arrival and departure details at the South Africa Police Station upon arrival.

All International Hunters will enjoy a trouble-free arrival in South Africa with the Xtreme Safaris recommendation that hunters should down-load the Rifle Import Permit application information from: or

Should hunters prefer full assistance; Xtreme Safaris will provide alternative suggestions. To contact us please fill in the contact form or click here.