What to Bring

•Please note that your passport needs to be valid for six months beyond your intended length of stay. US citizens visiting South Africa do not need a visa.
•International flights - Bullets must be packed in check in. Domestic- Separate in lockable case with firearm (not in check in luggage).

Weather Guide:
The following is to be used as a guide only.

Day Temp - Night Temp.

March - May 95°F - 85°F; 59°F.
May - August 85°F - 55°F; 46°F - 26°F.
September - October 59°F - 85°F; 59°F.

Packing List:

Laundry Service Daily.

March - May and September - October:

5 Pairs Underwear.
4 Pairs Light Woolen Socks.
3 Pairs Short Hunting Pants 2 Pair Long Hunting Pants.
3 Pairs Short Sleeve Hunting Shirts 2 Light Jumper/Fleece.
1 Pair Light Weight Hunting/Hiking Boots.
(plus gaiters) 1 Pair Sneakers or Casual Shoes for Evening Wear.
1 Swim Suite and Casual Dress for Evening.

May - September:

5 Pairs Underwear.
4 Pairs Thick Woolen Socks.
3 Pairs Long Hunting Pants 1 Pair Short Hunting Pants.
4 Pair Long or Short Sleeve Hunting Shirts 1 Light Jumper/Fleece.
1 Warm Coat (for early mornings/evenings) 1 Set of Light Gloves (for early mornings).
1 Pair Lightweight Hunting/Hiking Boots 1 Pair Sneakers or Casual Shoes for Evening Wear.
1 Something to keep your head and ears warm.