Hunting Trip April 2015

The Hunters:

Gavin Zillen and his Son Troy; Jannie Smith and his wife Tania Smith; Jason Ellinas; Karl Dimitrijevic and his Daughter Nicole; Lukas Andries Van Der Bergh and his Grandson Gustaf.

Rifles Used: 308; 30,06; 243; 6,5x55mm, 7x64mm.

The Hunt

After many hours at the shooting range we finely had a few hours left in the day to go hunting. Lucas hunted a nice Mountain Reedbuck and Gustaf his grandson hunted a White Springbuck. They both hunted with a 6.5mm x 55mm rifle.
On day one Lucas shot his Mountain Reedbuck at a distance of 360 meters and at an angle more than 30 degrees, with his 6,5 x 55mm.
On day 2 we started the hunting straight away. With Jason hunting a Black Wildebeest, White Springbuck and a Mountain Reedbuck with is 30.06. Lukas and Gavin got up at 4AM to head out to hunt a Kudu and Black Springbuck. Lucas finally tracked a very nice one down at about 11AM and shot him from the shoulder in a standing position. Gavin hunted a White Springbuck and Karl hunted a Mountain Reedbuck.
On day 3 Nicole one of the young girls shot her first buck and it was a Springbuck. Karl hunted a White Springbuck and Gavin finally got his Black Springbuck and he also hunted a White Blesbuck. Jason hunted a Blesbuck and got 80 meters from it and that’s the closest shot I have ever seen on the farm. Jannie was the hunter of the day bagging a nice Kudu bull at 356 meters with his 7 x 64 and later on after a long difficult walk down one of the biggest mountains hunting a Red Hartebeest and finally shooting it at a distance of 490 meters but wounding it and then finishing it off with a second shot. A few minutes later also shot another Red Hartebeest.
On day 4 of the hunting trip the group where on a role. Gavin hunted one of the most expensive animals on the farm a Bontebok. He shot it with his 308 at 117m and it was a Rowland Ward trophy. Lucas hunted a White Blesbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. Jason hunted a Common Springbuck. Troy only 8 years old shot his first Springbuck.
On the last hunting day, day 5 was a short day and the cooler start to the day. Jason hunted a Mountain Reedbuck. Jannie hunted a White Blesbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. Karl hunted a White Blesbuck, White Springbuck and a Common Springbuck. Gavin hunted a Common Blesbuck. All in all 27 buck where hunted during the five days. Three of the buck where Rowland Word so it was a very successful hunting trip.